Are you thinking about becoming a chef?

You may have just left school or college or you may be considering a change of career, if any of these apply to you have you thought about a career in the food industry? The food industry is a massive market and people enjoy good tasting and clean food, so its safe to say this type of business will never die out. Dealing with food even just in the preparation can be a very rewarding position as you know your supplying another person with a delicious dish they will enjoy.

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To become a chef is hard work and takes a lot of patience and concentration but once you have learned the art of cooking there is nothing more satisfying than satisfying another person with someone you have created.

Here at Action Training Services we offer a Level 1 Awards in Food Safety course which is designed for candidates who are new to the food industry. The course includes 3 initial courses which are 1)Level 1 Award in Food Safety 2) Level 1 Award in Food Safety for Manufacturing and 3) Level 1 Award for Food Safety in Retail. This course will teach you all you need to know about food hygiene and good food practice.

This course is available in Warrington, Wigan, Manchester, Liverpool and St Helens. If you would like to enquire about this course please contact Action Training Services on 01942270070 or email

Opening Courses in Warrington

Come and try one of our opening courses available in Warrington. We have something for everyone, no matter what business sector you are in you are sure to find a course that will not only exceed your own skills but enhance the performance of your business through cost effective  and quality training that will provide safety to your staff, colleagues and customers.

We have a range of courses available which are:

First Aid

Food Hygiene 

Fire Safety

Health and Safety

Life Guard 

Paediatric First Aid

All courses can be tailored to meet your requirements and training needs. Each course is delivered to the highest of standards but in an easy to understand manner and a relaxed environment.

There is no price limit on the safety of others. Let us help you to help others by providing you with a range of skills, knowledge and tools that when applied to your working environment can save someones life.

If you would like to enquire about our open courses in Warrington please call today on 07595893438 or 07595834440. You can also email us at


Health and Safety in the Workplace


Effective health and safety in the workplace is a necessity if you want your company to succeed and grow. If health and safety is not a fundamental factor in the working environment it could result in serious accidents for employees and customers which will result in huge costs for yourself as an employer.

We offer a range of Health and Safety courses so you can choose one that is best suited to you and your organisation. As every company is different each will have their own requirements and needs to health and safety training, that’s why we offer a bespoke service which we can tailor our courses to meet the demands of your business and needs of each individual. 

If your thinking about the cost involved in training please just give us a call with your requirements and we will work within your budgets.

It will cost more not to have effective health and safety in place!

Our Health and Safety Courses are:

–  Asbestos Awareness Course

HABC Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in the workplace

HABC Level 3 award in Health and Safety in the workplace

HABC Level 2 Award in Safe Moving and Handling 

Safe use of steps and ladders 

HABC Level 2 Award in the control of substances hazardous to health 

If you would like to discuss any of our courses and your requirements please contact us on 01942270070 or email


Courses for you


Are you looking to better yourself and your career? Then start here with Action Training Services, we provide a range of courses that will help you progress in your industry and develop new skills to benefit yourself, your organisation, customers and employees.

You might be looking to gain skills in the catering industry to become a chef. If this is you we have some fantastic food hygiene courses available to get you started. For those who are already in the food industry we have some advanced level courses like our CIEH level 3 Food Safety Course.

Within your working environment you might be subject to working with asbestos or your involved in certain procedures which can be a danger to you or others around you. This is where health and Safety is essential in the workplace to help protect you and your colleagues from potential risks. We provide a range of health and safety courses to suit your requirements and your business needs, if you find the course does not fully meet your business needs then please contact us and we can tailor the course to meet them.

Like health and safety, first aid is also essential and it is important that at least one person within your organisation is trained as a first aider. We have 8 different types of first aid courses to suit the type of business you are in, our courses range from emergency first aid at work to family first aid. Again if the courses do not fully meet your needs then please contact us and we can tailor the course.

The majority of organisations one person will be asked to be the designated fire marshal/warden in which case you will have to go through training. Our Fire Safety courses will help you understand how to evacuate your colleagues if there is a fire, you will learn how to put a fire out with confidence and how to prevent a fire. At the end of the course you will be provided with a certificate to say you have completed the full course and you are fully trained.

We also provide life guard courses and paediatric first aid courses. All courses we have available are delivered in an easy to learn manor and are designed to bring you, your organisation and colleagues benefits of working in a safe environment.

We can offer our courses in the areas of Wigan, Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool, Merseyside and Cheshire or we can deliver the courses to you at your premises. Please get in touch today to book your course, call 01942270070.


Learn and adapt your skills to get you where you want to be in your career!

Some of our courses are a necessity within the work place i.e health and safety, first aid and fire safety. Other courses like our life guard course and food hygiene will help you develop and adapt your skills to get the job you want or it will help you progress further into your career.

Whether your already in a position looking to learn new skills or your looking for a new career path, we provide training at the highest most professional standard to both public and private sector. We can tailor our learning objectives and courses to meet with any special requirements to may have. Although our courses are taught to very high standards we also make sure we deliver our courses at an effective learning pace for each individual so every aspect of the course in taken in.

What ever course you choose you are not only helping yourself but others too i.e. colleagues and customers. Our first aid courses will allow to you perform basic first aid techniques on a casualty. Our Health and safety courses will help you to prevent accidents and problems within the workplace and so on. Each course will bring you and others many benefits of safety within your environment.

Our Courses include first aid, fire safety, food hygiene, life guard, health and safety and paediatric first aid and are available in Wigan, Warrington, Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool and Merseyside.











Action Training website is fantastic, it gives you as much information as possible about each course. Simply click on the course that interests you and it will tell you:

  • What audience the course is aimed at
  • Learning objectives and outcomes so you know what the course entails and what you get out of it at the end
  •  Details of the course and any materials needed
  • Content of the course and any assessments involved
  •  Prices for each course

As well as given you all this information you then have the option to book the course via the website which is an easy time saving way for you or your employee/employer. However if you do find you have a query that hasn’t been answered on the site then the relevant contact information can be found at the bottom of the website. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to expand your skills and abilities, so don’t waste time, get your training done now as you never know when you will need it or who will need your help.

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