Health and Safety Consultancy


Health and Safety Consultancy

Here at Action training, we are able to provide a health and safety consultancy service. This enables businesses to ensure that they are fully compliant with all aspects of health and safety.

Why is it important to be compliant?

It is paramount that businesses are compliant with health and safety legislations. If you are found not to be there can be drastic consequences not only for the business as a whole but for individuals involved in a breach. The consequences could include fines, compensation claims and even imprisonment.

What is health and safety consultancy?

This is the service provided by us in which our specialist consultants will come to your business and complete a full health and safety audit and inspection. We will then product documentation to the business owner with information on any downfalls or improvement areas relating to health and safety. We don’t just leave it there though will provide help and advice on improvements and initiate the implementation of these improvements. This allows you as a business owner to concentrate on running your business and leaves the health and safety constraints to us the experts.

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