Basic principles of food safety

Do you need training in food safety? Discover the basic principles of food safety.

Here at Action Training, we provide quality, food safety courses to help you and your company stay clean and healthy. We offer three different food safety courses at Action Training, from Food Safety in Catering to Food Safety in Retail. Learn about some basic principles of food safety today.

The basic principles of food safety start with the preparation and handling. When preparing you should always ensure everywhere is sanitary and sterile. Meaning it is clean and does not hold bacteria or dirt. When preparing food you should always use clean cutlery as well because cross contamination is a very common error when working with raw meats. Chicken - basic principles of food safety

Taking a food safety course will not only increase your knowledge in the kitchen but also show you many skills to ensure food is safe to eat, including thermometers.

Food Safety mainly revolves around the 4 C’s. These being:

  • Clean – Hands, surfaces, utensils and ensuring they are clean
  • Cook – Ensure food is cooked properly and not still raw/uncooked
  • Chill – Keep food refrigerated to ensure bacteria cannot multiply
  • Cross contamination – Do not reuse utensils which have been used for raw meats and always wash your hands when handling anything which contains any bacteria

If you stick to these 4 C’s then you already half way there to completing a food safety course and understanding the basic principles of food safety. During these food safety courses, you will also learn about the hazards and risks, which come with each food group including raw meats and hot food.

Raw Beef - basic principles of food safety

Food Safety Course Information

Food safety courses normally last around 3 hours depending on what level course you are taking. If you are thinking of taking a course in food, safety or you know you need training because you are planning to be a chef or start your own food company, then you will need food safety training.

Food Safety Course

Courses we offer:

  • Food Safety in Catering
  • Food Safety in Manufacturing
  • Food Safety in RetailFruit - basic principles of food safety


Food Standards Agency

Food safety in the UK is regulated by the Food Standards Agency and requires any food business’ to have a food safety management system in place. This ensures you have the right protocol available to revise from, so if an agency member were to come in and evaluate your business it would abide by the standards and regulations they set. They would ask to look at your food safety management system and want to see your workers follow the steps on the management system. From where to store food all the way to serving the food.

Hygiene Rating

Food companies are often rated on their cleanliness and hygiene, this is called a hygiene rating and covers the whole of the store and procedures the chefs follow, from preparation to final serving, to how clean your shop/business is.

For more information on basic principles of food safety or if you wish to enquire about one of our courses at Action Training please follow this link and give us a call.


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