Common causes of fires in the workplace

Brush up on your fire safety, discover the common causes of fires in the workplace?

If you are a business owner, or just somebody that works in a business and would like to get some more information about fire safety then this blog may help you. Learn some of the common causes of fires in the workplace.

If a fire were to break out in your workplace you must immediately alert people and press the fire button to evacuate the whole building, the main priority is the safety of you and the others in the building.

Here are some common risks and prevention techniques to help prevent fires in the workplace.

1.)  Electrical Fires

Risk: Electricity can start fires! It can create sparks and light paper, wood, and other flammable materials.

Action: You must act quickly to maintain the fire if spotted early. The safety of you and your colleagues is a first, find the closest fire alarm. If you believe the fire is small enough you may be able to tackle it with a fire retardant blanket or fire extinguisher.

Fire - Common causes of fires in the workplace


2.)  Overpopulated extension leads

Risk:  If you have an extension cable, which does not have an appropriate trip switch or fuse then nothing is stopping the extension cable from overheating and starting a fire.

This is one of the most common causes of fires in the workplace

Action: You should ensure products like extension cables and chargers are checked so that they are safe and reliable.

3.)  Leaving your appliances on

Risk: Leaving appliances on for long periods is next on the list. Old televisions do not have an auto standby mode, meaning if left on, it would stay on until otherwise turned off. Thus potentially causing a fire.

Action: Always remember to go and check each appliance after use. Make sure they are either on standby or off by the wall.

Telly - Common causes of fires in the workplace

4.)  Leaving the hob on

Risk: Forgetting to turn the hob off after cooking, especially if it is a gas hob. Anything which comes into contact with the flame will most likely ignite and start a large, oxygen-fueled fire.

Action: If a fire does start in the kitchen you should have a fire retardant blanket near to the hob/oven, use this to place over the fire, taking extra care not to burn your hands when doing so.

Hob - Common causes of fires in the workplaceIf the fire does go out you should still ring the fire services so that they can speak to you about the incident and check for any additional fires.

If you cannot tame the fire, you should evacuate immediately and warn others of the fire so they can also evacuate as well as ringing the fire services.




So if you believe this blog was helpful and you would like to extend your knowledge about the common causes of fires in the workplace, visit our fire safety course page and get in touch to learn more about fire safety and become a trained fire marshall for your company or business.

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