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Obtain the best Heath and safety training from Action Training & Consultancy

Health and safety are one of the major life aspects that we just can’t ignore. They play a big role in our day to day routine. For you to conduct your work properly, you need to be healthy. Otherwise, there will be no positive outcome. As you are undertaking your activities, you are also prone to accidents. It is, therefore, important to equip yourself with knowledge on how to keep your health in check and also on the safety measure to apply in the case of an accident. Action Training & Consultancy offers the most qualified First Aid courses Warrington companies can offer.

About our Professional First Aid courses

We at Action Training Consultancy provide a comprehensive and professional health and safety management and training service to business organizations that want to maintain and implement good health and safety procedures and standards. This helps the company meet their legal obligations. At Action Training & Consultancy, we’re passionate about our services to our clients. Our most important aim is to help your business fulfill the Health and Safety obligation in the best and most professional way possible.

When you provide a good Health and Safety management, your business can make positive improvements and maintain a good reputation. According to the law, every business that has five or more employees should obtain a documented Health & Safety Policy. It should also have risk assessments that are in relation to any significant hazards. The staff should have access to Health and Safety advice alongside a Health and Safety Manual. They should also have obtained sufficient Health and Safety training.

When employees acquire good Health and Safety training, it reduces risk levels within the organization. It also reduces the costs that could have been incurred. Our training supports a healthy and motivated workforce in a safe environment. We also provide our clients with tailoring bespoke packages that suit their requirements. If you are looking for an organization that has the best First Aid courses Warrington has in the market, then Action Training & Consultancy is the place to be.

Our services include an External and safety service. This is a requirement by Regulation7, in Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulation 1999. Here, businesses are required to appoint a person to advise them regarding health and safety. Health and Safety Review is another service that we offer. Here, we assess the effectiveness of an organization’s safety management. We also provide Health and Safety Audit. The aim of the audit is to ensure that your business’s safety management system is effectively put into service.

With Stress Risk Management we cover six areas of work design which when not managed may lead to increased sickness absence, low productivity, poor health, and well-being. Other courses include Professional First Aid courses Warrington needs. Life Guard Courses, Fire Safety Courses, Paediatric First Aid Courses and Food Hygiene Courses are among the many First Aid courses Warrington gets from Action Training & Consultancy. To get this and more information regarding our courses log to our website at www.actiontraining.co.uk.

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